CzYCN – Czech Young Chemists’ Network established

CzYCN – Czech Young Chemists’ Network established

During a CCS Board meeting on 22/1/2018, the CzYCN – Czech Young Chemists Network was established as a new section of the CCS. The section was established as a cross-cutting section, the membership is parallel to the membership in a Working Group and is limited by the maximum age of 35. The main activities of CzYCN are expected to be

  • organisation of professional and social activities and competitions including the activities during the Chemical Societies Congresses
  • representation of CCS in EYCN – European Young Chemists Network EuCheMS
  • management of the students’ exchanges on chemical congresses within the Viszegrád Countries Agreement.

CzYCN will use in particular

  • CCS Facebook and web to disseminate information and for the communication
  • its own budget line in the CCS budget.

The provisional board of the new section includes:

  • ing. Roman Bleha (VŠCHT Praha)
  • Václav Holý (VŠCHT Praha)
  • Ing. Ondřej Jankovský, Ph.D. (VŠCHT Praha)
  • Mgr. David Novák (UPOL Olomouc)

Contact: Roman.Bleha(at)